Defueld - Defueld (SoundPollution/Riot)

Defueld offer their debut album full of classic heavy metal with a fresh twist that will have you wanting more.

I have a strong belief that the Scandinavian water holds some special ability to bring out the power of metal to the bands that form there. The best thing about these bands is that they so often sound so different to each other. Sweden’s Defueld is no exception to this rule and their self-titled debut album will knock your socks off. This is classic heavy metal with mammoth vocals and strong melodies, with a few rock ballads thrown in for good measure.

Opening track Spawn combines a keyboard, pounding kick drums, metal guitar riffs and intense and gritty vocals from Christoffer Wetterström. Spawn was the first single from the album and is an excellent introduction into Defueld which continues in the same vein, there’s a need to sit back and let this music envelope you.

Waiting In The Wings, the fifth song on the album and an intense rock ballad where Wetterström demonstrates the melodic aspects of his vocal range, supported by some hardy guitar riffs and harmonic piano, is one of three ballads on the eleven track album. Whilst uncommon for a heavy metal album, these songs fit perfectly and give you a taste of the pure heart and soul this band are capable of.

Overall Defueld crosses from heavy metal to rock ballad and back again with ease and grace. It is clear that this is a band who have been influenced by the likes of In Flames and Metallica, in some parts Wetterström’s voice could even be mistaken for Hetfield's, despite this they’ve managed to keep their individuality, using the recognisable elements as a comfort blanket on a strange, but enjoyable journey.

Lyrically the songs are real, musically they are melodic and intense, the production is flawless, and vocally there's an intense passion which hits hard and hooks you from the first breath to the last.

Defueld's self-titled release is out now on Soundpollution/Riot.