This Haven - Today A Whisper, Tomorrow A Storm (Vic/Riot)

Three quarters of an hour of mellow yet heavy tunes ideal for chilling with friends to. Patrik Karlsson's vocals ring out deep and resonant throughout the band's debut full-length album.

The voice of Patrik Karlsson demands attention; his rich, dramatic vocals sing of apocolypse and madness and sing it well.  The moving and at times disturbing lyrics can be heard with clarity; voice and music combining to poignantly portray a world fucked.

The effects applied to the vocals in I Will Deceive You remind me of Ozzy Osbourne's vocals and the guitar sounds at times were reminiscent of Black Sabbath or Anthrax.  However this is definately not an Ozzy/Sabbath rip-off band; a wide range of influences can be heard, with touches of psychadelic, leaning towards progressive; This Haven produces a unique sound all their own.

The rest of the band is comprised of Tobbe Jacobsen (guitars), Johan Berglund (bass and programming) and Nicklas Keijser (drums and percussion).  Karlsson also plays the guitar, in addition to singing.  The band of Swedes have released three demos since 2004 and have been playing together since 2003, though this is the first full-length album they have released.

Much of the guitar playing is quite standard fare - but not bad; though the music is mellow there is a strong sense of melody. Today A Whisper, Tomorrow A Storm is easy to listen to.

There are some very strong songs on the album. Apocalyptic Anthem: I. B.C., II. A.D. is a composition tragic and complex; the voice speaking through the song creates a scenario of apocolaypse highly believable.  The lyrics of Welcome to Delirium masterfully capture a feeling of lunacy. And the finale of the collection, The Plague is another complex composition, augmented with backing vocals by Magdelena Eriksson

Yet at other times This Haven struggled to hold my attention.  I felt that this band has a lot of potential and that though this album is a high quality debut, that they are capable of greater things.  The production is fine, sound effects are used well to complement the music (though are not overused) and the rich, resonant vocals make this a unique and disturbing album.  The pace of the music makes it good stoner rock yet the tone is darker and heavier than such a label suggests - good tunes for kicking back to.

This Haven's Today a Whisper, Tomorrow a Storm is out now on Vic/Riot.