Marshall Law - Razorhead (DR2/Riot)

This isn't a bad release by any means, but it goes for too long - something that is one of its major drawbacks.

These guys have been around a really long time, and they play a style of classic/power metal that is pretty much what you'd expect. There are some nice melodic and harmonic structures in this album that tie Marshall Law quite strongly to the power metal subgenre; but at the same time there are enough elements of your classic metal to almost roll this release over into thrash.

This is why, being a bit of a thrasher, I was so excited with the title track Razorhead which borders on old-school thrash, and less excited with much of the rest of this album. There are some stand-out tracks on this release for me - the title track is one of them; some others include Night Terror, which is chunky and quite heavy; Divides Us and Blood and Pain which are both just excellent tracks. Some of the fretwork is as good as you'd expect from a band that's been kicking along for more than 20 years, but there is nothing particularly new or exciting to be had here.

This album is very long: 15 tracks in just over an hour is a big ask. The question that I have, though, is whether it was originally going to be just nine or 10 tracks? The tenth, Devil's Anvil is very short (0:57), and feels like the natural outtro. The majority of the tracks after that point are not, in my opinion, worth being on this release.

Still, despite its drawbacks it's pretty good. There are a lot of good moments and many of them make up for the bad ones.

Marshall Law's Razorhead is out now on DR2/Riot.