Minsk - With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone (Relapse/Riot)

Minsk's third album is a sublime and scaring example of musical genius that is deserving of time and attention.

Chicago’s Minsk have returned with their third album of psychedelic, Neurosis-inspired metal. Following the critically-acclaimed albums, Out Of a Center, Which Is Neither Dead Nor Alive, and The Ritual Fires Of Abandonment, With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone is a dark journey into the sonic post-apocalyptica. It is one that will leave you reeling from the exact composition that this band has yet again demonstrated, although this time with more emotional diversity. Produced by the band's bassist Sanford Parker, this is an album that requires plenty of concentration.

With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone opens with the harsh Three Moons; an attack to the senses starts with crushing percussion. Then it moves into a psychedelic middle-to-end with its crushing guitars and sound effects that leave you lost and wondering what the hell just hit you. The Shore Of Transcendence slows the pace, keeping a grinding and mystical feel to the music as it peaks and troughs with a variety of instruments and sounds used to welcome you into the fold of this epic song.

Almitra's Premonition is a haunting and disturbing song that makes your hair stand on end, and your brain slows down to process the mastication that you can feel drifting into the mix. Means To An End opens with an almost military feel to the beat and is followed by the devastating Crescent Mirror, which has stand-out vocals: showing that Minsk have definitely put more into their vocals this time around than they have in the past.

Pisgah is the shortest song on the album at, four minutes, but it makes up for it with the dark forces radiating from its core. Consumed By Horizons of Fire uses a lot of minor key guitar scales to make its point before Requiem - From Substance To Silence, at ten minutes, takes you on a journey through mountainous caverns and rolling landscapes.

With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone is an expertly executed example of post-hardcore doom and sludge metal. Minsk have certainly elevated themselves into the limelight with the front runners of this genre, and will be an act that are hard to follow.

Minks's With Echoes in the Movement of Stone is out now on Relapse/Riot.