Obscura - Cosmogenesis (Relapse/Riot)

Obscura's Cosmogenesis hits the ground running, delivering an epic blend of mind-boggling technical proficiency, and brutally melodic innovation.

If you’re hungry for a fresh new approach to technical death metal, look no further than the critically acclaimed, viscerally melodic opus Cosmogenesis, from German progressive death metal outfit Obscura.


On Cosmogenesis, Obscura are not afraid to explore the melodic alongside the brutal, with the songs’ hard-hitting parts cleverly complemented by tuneful acoustic breaks. The intricate time signature and structural changes at times give the songs an almost math-metal level of complexity. Orbital Elements is a sprawling instrumental piece, and is one of the high points of the album, along with Desolate Spheres and the title track Cosmogenesis. These tracks are packed with bludgeoning brilliance and blistering energy. The songs on the album are expertly arranged, with an intense emphasis on technical complexity and vast melodic soundscapes.


Capable growler Steffen Kummerer brings to the table a brutal, multi-layered vocal range that incorporates both clean and guttural vocals. Axe man Christian Muenzner does a fantastic job with the guitar work, fluently handling both rhythm and lead parts, interspersed with multifaceted, soaring solos. Bassist Jeroen Thesseling’s fretless bass mastery rivals Muenzner’s onslaught: Thesseling effortlessly pulls off excellent bass solos that add another pulsating dimension to the rhythm section (as on Orbital Elements). And stickman Hannes Grossmann’s precise, unrelenting battery features breakneck hyperblasts and artful fills, setting the album’s monstrous pace right from its frenetic opener, The Anticosmic Overload.


Coupled with the band’s taut musicianship and a high standard of production, the discrete musical elements on the album form a highly listenable, colossal aural assault that plumbs the depths of musical innovation and pushes the boundaries of melody and brutality. Cosmogenesis is nothing short of a dazzling, original progressive death masterpiece.  


Obscura's Cosmogenesis is out now on Relapse/Riot.