Pain - Cynic Paradise (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Pain play a metal/industrial crossover style and it is absolutely filled with energy. There are a lot of metal chicks out there who don't mind going nuts and dancing hardcore to some brutal industrial and I suspect that they will love this.


Now, this is one band whose releases are always coming across my desk and which I somehow never get to. I think perhaps it was because there was one album ages ago that I just didn't gel with and so I've kind of avoided them ever since. However, since that doesn't seem particularly fair, I've knuckled down and got to this one. Well it is that this album from Pain ought to be titled Cynic Paradise, because I've been living in one ever since I have seen these releases. The irony is not lost on me.


This album, is incredibly full-on. The synths, when present, blend perfectly with the skin-shredding guitar attack; and when the pace and the style varies the entire band manages to fit the groove so well that you can't imagine them ever doing anything else.


One of the stand-out tracks for me on this release was Follow Me, which features Anette Olzon of Nightwish fame. Her beautiful vocals fit so well with this track, and with Pain's style, that they honestly couldn't have chosen anyone better for the role.


While it's not exactly a style that I personally dig, this album is excellent. All of its elements are carefully pieced together, it's well mixed and excellently produced and if you're into your industrial/metal crossovers, then I suggest you'll really, really like this.


I'm actually now looking forward to their next release, which the band promises to make Pain the biggest band in this subgenre. We shall see.


Pain's Cynic Paradise is out now on Nuclear Blast/Riot.