Pitbull Terrorist - C.I.A. (Anstalt/Riot)

This group puts the "trash" back into Thrash Metal.
Release Date: 
6 Nov 2009 - 4:30pm

Who here still remembers what good old thrash metal is? Ok let me see some hands... Don't be afraid: you know you loved it in the good old days. Pitbull Terrorist is bringing back thrash metal old-school style, and giving it their own twist.

These guys have some awesome deep drum sounds and some really great riffs that make you stop and wonder who is this that I am listening to. I enjoyed the various types of songs that were featured on this album: there were some that were hard and very deep and then there were some that were like the good old days where you just wanted to let your long hair down and just bang your head as hard as you could till you passed out.

All and all this was a good album for Pitbull Terrorist and I am sure we will be seeing more of this group in years to come. I hope these guys keep up the good work - it's thanks to bands like this for not letting thrash metal die.

My favourite songs on the album were The Silencer, The Pig, Maus, Necessary Evil, In Confidence, but Necessary Evil takes the top spot for sheer repeat listening.

Pitbull Terrorist's C.I.A. is out on 6 November on Anstalt/Riot.