Ravage – The End Of Tomorrow (Metal Blade/Riot)

If I didn’t already know about Rob Halford’s sexual persuasion I’d swear that he’d been throwing his seed around Boston, Massachusetts a couple of decades back, because if this isn’t his love child on vocals it damn well should be!!

Ravage stalwarts and brothers Al Ravage on vocals and Eli Joe on guitar have been hammering away with various line-ups since they were in high school back in the 90s. They worked on getting their mix of old school NWOBHM and the thrashier Yankee 90s metal bands just right before unleashing this solid slab of Priest/Death/Iron Maiden-influenced rifforama that is extremely pleasing to these old ears.

Sure there ain’t nothing new at all here, in fact it’s a time warp of Halford-style vocals, wild guitar riffs and that solid Maiden/Priest rhythmic base, but come on, what is so bad about that? Hell, Night Crawler could have come straight off of Priest’s Pain Killer – oh wait! It did!

Then there’s the blasting power of The Shredder where drummer GTB and bassist The Mosh Pig let loose, Damn Nation with the acoustic intro before GTB fires up, and the twin guitars of Eli Joe and Nick Izzo unleash all that was good about the new wave of metal. But, hell, you can’t pick one song alone as a standout; it’s a killer effort all round.  In lesser hands this may have sucked, but these young fuckers (median age 24!) have got it down to a fine art. 

And speaking of art, legendary artist Ed Repka has provided the cover work, giving us another link to the band’s roots and heroes.  I tell ya if Judas Priest had released this instead of that silly bloody Nostradamus concept they would have sold a lot more units.  There are only so many wheelchair tours left in some of the old guard, but at least with bands like this around we’ll still be getting our dose of heavy metal old-school style well into the future. 

But forget the tags: this is heavy metal pure and simple. It's loud, hard, fast and perfect for cranking up loud as you crack open that whiskey bottle.

Ravage's The End of Tomorrow is out now on Metal Blade/Riot.