Roxxcalibur - NWOBHM for Muthas (Limb/Riot)

An album to throw on, drink a six pack to and remember the fun you had when the New Wave of British Heavy Metal first kicked you in the nuts!

Where most tribute albums go wrong is having too many guest stars – vocalists and guitarists, drummers and bass players who want to add their special touch with no thought of the over all sound, Roxxcalibur have avoided that problem by being first a band and then a tribute.Sure it’s all covers (13 in fact) but with a solid line up comprising Viron members Neudi (drums), Alexx Stahl (vocals) and Roger Dequis (guitar) ably assisted by ex-Into The Abyss bassist Mario Lang and Abandoned’s guitarist Kalli, this is a real labour of love and it shows.

By choosing to cover more obscure NWOBHM bands such as Chateaux, ARC and Jameson Raid as well as the more well known groups like Cloven Hoof and Witchfinder General, the boys have presented a cohesive, tight and yes, it can’t be denied, very nostalgic journey back to the halcyon days of 80s metal when the scene was just starting to loosen up, play fast, admit that melody wasn’t a bad thing, and have some fun. 

The production is purposely raw harking back to the days before pro-tools and digital enhancement and that is pretty sweet in itself.  What you hear is what you actually get – five guys with a passion for the sounds of yore getting together and playing it like it should sound.  There’s twin guitars, loose drums, that quirky European vocal style (ok, that may not be NWOBHM but it still works), and more hooks than a Japanese whaling fleet.  And every now and then they throw in a little tease at the end of a song (Metallica, iron Maiden) just to keep you on your toes. 

My only gripe? No Black Rose, that would have made it even sweeter but hell this is still a fitting tribute to a musical form and time that changed heavy metal world wide.

Roxxcalibur's NWOBHM For Muthas is out now on Limb/Riot.