Sabaton - Art of War (Soundpollution/Riot)

The Art of War never sounded so good!
Release Date: 
30 May 2008 - 2:30pm

When I very first saw this album I thought to myself, Sabaton ... what kind of name is that? Then when I saw the title of the album the Art of War I thought to myself I really liked that book I hope these guys didn't murder this book. Boy was I surprised!

Sabton's The Art of War is a very well put together album. This album was about Sun Tzu's book the Art of War and the band wove the book into each of the songs. This is a very interesting concept. Usually we will hear a group weave a story into their songs on a particular album - take for instance Queensrych with the album Operation: Mindcrime back in the day. They did an excellent job of weaving the story into the songs and thus as you listened to the album not only did you get to hear some good music but you also got to follow a story from start to finish. While there isn't any way you can weave all of the Art of War into 13 tracks on this album I still give the group a lot of credit for thinking outside of the box and for making it a really enjoyable album to listen to. From the first song, Sun Tzu Says, to the last song, A Secret, this album was very well written and very easy to listen to.

Some highlights include the way the songs were created around the central theme; the way the songwriting and mixing of this album was accomplished was also very good. You can hear the singer’s voice very clearly, but also his voice was raised just the slightest bit above the other instruments so that, not only did the singer stand out, but his messages were clear.

Also just so there is no misunderstanding to the folks out there who are looking at this album to buy with your hard earned money, this group plays their music 80s style. They remind me a lot of older Dokken or Dio from the 80s, but then again, who didn't love those bands?

To sum this up I think Sabaton's The Art of War album was a great album, and I look forward to seeing what comes next from this band.