Thyrfing - Hels Vite (Regain/Riot)


This is a dark, brooding album that fans of atmospheric black metal will appreciate.

This release is Viking black metallers Thyrfing's first album in three years. It's also the first album of theirs I've come into, so while the general consensus is that there is an undeniable change from their previous work, I am not in a position to comment on that. I will state it here anyway, because those of you who have been fans of Thyrfing since the beginning will want to know what Hels Vite is like, since it was recorded after the band's lineup changed due to the loss of two of its members.

It is a dark, evil album - some have said that it is their darkest album to date. In some areas of the release I personally feel that it does border on doom; it slows down and gets hell gloomy, but it still retains that intensity of very dark black metal that many fans of the genre really appreciate.

Hels Vite is an accomplished release. It's been well-constructed and well written; the balance between the melodies that underpin the nasty blackness are understated but complementary; the harshness of the vocals and some of the guitar work blends with the general sound to provide an over-layer of brooding cloud; and while many black metal bands love to blast the fuck out, the slower pace of most of the tracks on this album is absolutely right for the style and the artistry present. This album is not, I suggest, a construction that ought to be taken lightly. 

If you like atmospheric, very dark black metal, then I suggest that you will really appreciate this release. 

Thyrfing's Hels Vite is out now on Regain/Riot