Annihilator - Live at Masters of Rock CD (SPV/Riot)

Ageing Canuck thrashers welcome you to your death... again.

Canadian thrash metal exponents Annihilator celebrated a quarter century in the business in 2009, and to commemorate this they foisted Live at Masters of Rock on their ever-dwindling band of followers. It’s the band’s third live outing and, as with the others, the listener is left with a slight ‘what was the point of that’ taste in the mouth at the end of proceedings.

Annihilator as a band has featured some thirty members over the years, with only guitarist/songwriter Jeff Waters remaining a constant, and it’s this revolving-door membership policy and its resultant lack of consistency that has always been an Achilles heel for the band.


They’ve had seven vocalists for a start, with the current incumbent, Dave Padden, possibly the least remarkeable of the bunch, struggling to make anything memorable out of workaday fare such as Blackest Day or Set the World on Fire: Indeed Padden (and the band as a whole) really only come close to igniting on the band's oldest material. I Am in Command still maintains its ability to snap necks after nearly twenty years in the game, whilst WTYD (ah for the days when all thrash bands had to have an acronymic song title!), and the band's signature tune, Alison Hell, both survivors from their 1989 debut, also rise above the dross and add a bit of spark to the rather drab proceedings.


As with most albums of this kind – it's for the diehard only.


Annihilator's Live at Masters of Rock is out now on SPV/Riot.