Bloodshedd - Spare No One (Tower of Doom)

This ugly little creature from the Philippines packs a nasty bite. Don’t say you weren’t warned.
Release Date: 
9 Feb 2010 (All day)

Unlike most bands who churn out the same generic crap every two years, Bloodshedd stewed in their scene for almost a decade before anyone offered them a chance to record (that would be Eric Perlas, the head honcho of their current label Tower of Doom). This means that by the time they got inside a studio for album number one—2007’s Eye of the Pessimist—the boys had their musical identity down pat. Much to our relief Bloodshedd aren’t your run-of-the-mill death metal band, and comparisons are useless because there’s no one in extreme metal as gnarly as them.

For a taste of their extreme divinity, go right ahead and sup upon Spare No One, a thoroughly modern sophomore album that tranports us to the genre’s raw(er) mid-90s heyday.

Packed with bare-knuckle numbers whose little intricacies are almost beyond definition, the monster awakens with the chilling intro The Time Has Been Cast Down, which stews for a good minute until the hammering This Lifelong Enmity introduces the sizzling extreme metal dish the quintet serve. Bloodshedd do death metal with lots of screaming vocals (hello Jojo Book), fuzzy twin guitars (Bong Ecat plus Bike ‘Buick’ Vinas), and percussion far more technical than most blastbeat peddlers can manage. What This Lifelong Enmity achieves then is to set the mood for the ensuing musical fare. But, surprise, surprise, just when the next song Collective is shaping up to boil in a massive guitar duel, jazz suddenly erupts from your speakers.

What’s this? Jazz? Uh huh. Also check out the songs Spare No One and This House of Termites. Both are virtual typhoons of death metal, softened around the middle by beautiful segues into jazz and (gulp!) reggae ... and even Latin guitar. Such diversions make it clear that Bloodshedd aren’t 100% fixed on their favourite Carcass and Cannibal Corpse.

Of course, to realise their ambitions with panache and include extra flavours, the band’s chops must be good; and they are. The drums by Toots Book alone demand repeated listens for us to catch the sheer awesomeness of his playing. Paired with bassist MC Santiago’s own contributions to the rhythm section, the duo give the album an unbreakable backbone. There’s genuine gold beneath this band’s grit, so go ahead and give Bloodshedd a try. 

Bloodshedd's Spare No One is out now on Tower of Doom Records. Buy your copies here.