Bonded By Blood – Exiled To Earth (Earache/Riot)

Naming themselves after one of the best thrash albums ever, by one of the acknowledged muthafucking best of the genre’s bands, these young fuckers have either got balls the size of grapefruits - or a death wish.

Bonded By Blood's second album is by no means a classic thrash album but let me tell you, it ain’t half fucking bad either.  With a theme revolving around the earth being taken over by aliens 600 years in the future, this album tells a futuristic story of bloodshed, rebellion, alien fuckers and war... all the good stuff.

The problem really is our prejudices, not the band’s music.  Us old farts forget that these kids weren’t even a thought in their old man’s minds when Exodus first walked the earth. Hell I’m not even sure their daddies had hit puberty yet!  By always putting the new boys up against the masters we immediately find them wanting, that ain’t really fair now is it?  Hell, we’re forgetting that there’s a fucking whole generation who have grown up since the days when we were cummin’ in our shorts cos we’d just discovered Exodus or Vio-lence or Testament.  For the new kids can you imagine how fucking cool it is to stumble onto bands like Bonded By Blood or Municipal Waste

And these young pups can play, let me tell you. With Jose Barrales screaming out front, a solid rhythm line and the guitar work of Alex Lee and Juan Juarez these guys don’t hold back. 

This is classic thrash, speed metal with enough aggression and balls to please most punters (except the picky old bastards who just say “back in my day things were better.” I know, I’m one of them… well I was but no more I tell you no more.) Episodes of Aggression, Prison Planet, Blood Spilled Offerings, Exiled To Earth… Ain’t nothing wrong with any of these selections – put them on your playlist – you’ll be surprised you grumpy old fuckers.

Bonded by Blood's Exiled to Earth is out now on Earache/Riot.