Moss - Tombs Of The Blind Drugged (Rise Above/Riot)

Inspired by the shambling zombie Templar Knight priests of the Blind Dead movies, doom metal band Moss drag forth four tracks of clawing, shambling monstrosities of their own, including a Discharge cover.

Remember the days when Type O Negative were still in the throes of hate and Pete Steele wasn’t yet a goth icon/laughing stock?  That moment during Unsuccessfully Coping With The Beauty Of Natural Infidelity where everything slowed down to pure angst ridden hate and misery, wallowing in his own disgust and gloom… now amplify that, make it even slower, more miserable, drag it down so you just hate yourself and everyone else you’ve ever set eyes on… that’s how good this EP from Moss is.  Four songs that wallow in the pain and the misery of existence. 

First track Skeletal Keys in particular sounds just like that aforementioned moment before the band starts to drag you down even further, with Tombs Of The Blind Drugged sounding like Black Sabbath on mandrax, (and I mean early Sabbath when the first album hit you like Lucifer’s shovel square in the face). Even though there’s some confusion over whether this is an EP or an album (hell there may only be four tracks but it goes over forty minutes!) and that one track is listed as Serpent and Eternal Return (I think the latter is the correct listing) I’ll just assume the secret occult rituals, the late nights and the Welsh booze addled their senses a little. 

The set finishes with their take on punk legends Discharge’s Maimed And Slaughtered, which I’m still not sure really works but, hell, I’ve never been chased by zombie Templar Knights so what do I know? 

As a taste of a band that seems to be getting some pretty serious attention from the underground metal scene this works a treat.  And with two previous albums out there in the murk and more to come, we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from these miserable bastards!

Moss's Tombs of the Blind Drugged is out now on Rise Above/Plastic Head.