The Red Chord - Fed Through The Teeth Machine (Metal Blade/Riot)

Being one of the earlier innovators of the deathcore genre, The Red Chord's latest effort Fed Through The Teeth Machine is a heavy assault on the ears: one that does not let go from beginning to end.

Deathcore. That word can either make or break a band for some metalheads, depending on which side of the fence they would sit: they either love it or despise it. Despite being labelled as one of the forefathers of this genre, The Red Chord's latest record Fed Through The Teeth Machine has the deathcore elements alongside more old-school elements like grind, hardcore and more.

After listening to the album, there is not doubt that The Red Chord are heavy from beginning to the end. The majority of the tracks on this album are a relentless kick in the head, ranging from the Pantera-like riffer Mouthful Of Precious Stones, the thrash/deathcore infusion Ingest The Ash to somewhat of a heavier Killswitch Engage in The Ugliest Truth and Sleepless Nights In The Compound.

The remainder of the tracks, such as Hour Of Rats, Embarrasment Of Legacy and Floating Through The Vein sound similar to where The Red Chord have been before. They don't break down a whole lot of doors.

On a bit more of a positive note, when it comes to performance, The Red Chord are pretty good at what they do, guitarist (and occasional vocalist) Mike "Gunface" McKenzie seems to have a myriad of heavy riffage accompanied some solid lead guitar work (the lead in Mouthful Of Precious Stones is pretty cool), the rhythm section of bassist Greg Weeks and drummer Brad Fickeisen are tight and precise in their roles, vocalist Guy Kozowyk has a very low and gutteral vocal attack, which is a bit one dimensional at times, but he delivers what the songs need.

An inconsistancy found over Fed Through The Teeth Machine is that there is really not a great amount of difference between many of the tracks, it feels like they have the same old blast beat and drum work, similar (although insane) riff patterns and the angry tough guy low range growled vocals, which in turn makes the album feel very samey at times and drags on a bit, even when they try to incorporate melodic elements, it struggles a little bit. However, being that said, The Red Chord write much better music than most of their contemporaries - amateur bands within the deathcore genre that get a record deal on it being the "big thing" with the kids at the moment until the next trend wave floats in.

If the listener is a fan of the deathcore genre, they will definately enjoy Fed Through The Teeth Machine. If you come from more of a traditional metal background, it might just sound like a bunch of crazy noise, but an open mind might turn it into more of an enjoyable experience.

The Red Chord's Fed Through The Teeth Machine is out now through Metal Blade/Riot.