The Resurrection Sorrow - Hour of the Wolf (Midnight Dreams/Earsplit)

I don't normally bother addressing a band's press releases in my reviews, and that's because I rarely read them. But in the case of The Resurrection Sorrow's debut, Hour of the Wolf, not only did the press release come wrapped around the CD - making it kind of unavoidable - but it was one of the most astonishing pieces of tripe I've read in ages. Which forms a nice contrast with the boring old chug of the music.

The press release for Hour of the Wolf opens with a thinly veiled excuse for the band taking too long to get their shit together by talking about "holding for the right time to strike", and picks up the pace with statements about how they "craft songs of anthemic proportions" (by which I assume they meant "we did a song which goes for six minutes and has a whole three riffs!").

Any sign of slacking in the middle is dismissed by mentioning every high-school band no-one's ever heard of that a member played in (okay, plus their session drummer spent some time in pretty decent NYHC also-rans Murphy's Law); but it truly climaxes in the closing paragraph where they let the reader know that they are "bringing something back. The wheel is not being reinvented here, it's being reinforced". This beautifully veiled admission that the band have not a single fucking original idea to their name and so instead will ape things a hundred other bands have done before and better is a fantastic closer to the release.

The album itself on the other hand, starts out boring, stays boring, gets a bit more boring, and finishes on a boring note. The Resurrection Sorrow are bringing nothing back but the uninspired riffs and flat vocals of literally thousands of bands who broke up after no-one, including the members, could continue to pretend to care about the unoriginal trash they were playing. Give up before you embarrass yourself further, lads.

The Resurrection Sorrow's Hour of the Wolf is out now on Midnight Dreams/Earsplit.