Shrapnel - Hellbound (Self released)

Where’s a big label to release these Aussies?? The world must know the destructive power of Shrapnel!

Hell, Hell, hell grindeeeer! The refrain of the first song of the album Hellbound leaves no doubt! We’re hearing some thrash maniacal metal!

Perth’s Shrapnel is a band consisting of Louis "Disaster" Rando (Vocals, Drums) and Andrew Doepel (Guitar, Bass) who make a lot of raspy noise, blaring the place with their pure-bloody delivery of the most brutal thrashy satanic destruction. Blackened metal for fucking sure!

This album brings you extremely catchy songs and refrains that raise a lot of hell in only 34 minutes of atomic detonations! Mixing the modern (cough, cough) approach of the old school thrash/speed metal (translation: Black Thrash) with an ACTUAL old speed thrash attack (I know it sounds confusing, but die-hards will get it), Shrapnel make passionate thrash metal in a way that bands of this new generation only try to do.  

Be jealous of Shrapnel, and try to learn something by listening to their CD.

After the first aforementioned track, songs like I’m the Hell, Friday Night Thrash Attack, and Trampling the Altar offer more compulsive killer capacity with their thrumming riffs intended only to demolish the place and leave no prisoners. The thrash maniacs only can dream to be knocked down by this blatant metallic death machine in a killer gig! Do these guys play live? Have you Aussies ever seen them in a venue? If not, kidnap the venue owner of your city and demand from him to bring Shrapnel to your place.

The breathtaking riff and drumming of Hang on the Cross are over the top, and only add more fuel to nuclear fire. It’s impossible to not neckbreak with this anthemic noise.

But if I had to cite a highlight it would be Cynic Horde: the abrasive vocals and infectious refrain just make me want to grab a shotgun and go in a killing spree against poseurs. Do you know when someone says that he’s possessed by a song? This is the case.

Six Pack Attack is just the obvious continuation of this metallic binge.

The final song, The Power is mine, is heavier, giving more emphasis on soloing, and it’s the longest song of Hellbound: a CD produced Aidan Barton who did great work here. It's aggressiveness without being just a pile of messed up shit. You can actually hear it all in an organic way.

To acquire Shrapnel’s merchandise visit their myspace, since this album was independently released!

Highly recommended for fans of Gospel of Horns, Aura Noir, Gehenna (Sweden) and Toxic Holocaust.

Shrapnel’s Hellbound is out now, and it is self-released.