Sodom - In War and Pieces (SPV/Steamhammer)

In War and Pieces is another proof (if the band ever needed any) that Sodom is one of the most loyal bands in metal history!
Release Date: 
19 Nov 2010 - 12:30pm

Everytime Sodom releases an album, I’m happy. Being a long time fan of the band, I can’t remember the day I felt deceived by modernism, “evolution” or any one of these strange words that sorround the metal since forever! This new CD is only what it is: Thrash Metal.

Produced by Waldemar Sorychta ( from the band Grip Inc.  and producer of Samael, Moonspell between others), and with the great artwork done by Eliran Kantor, In War and Pieces brings back  Angelripper , Bobby and Bernemann to the warfield, and although it was claimed that this album resembles the Classic Agent Orange, actually it is a crossbreed between Code Red and M-16. Stop reading this now if you didn’t like those albums (and I’m sure you DID because you’re a true headbanger, haha!)

The song that gives name to the work kicks off the CD. It is a good song but I like to think it was put here in the first place just to start the engines and to make one prepared for the thrash assault.

Hellfire and Through Toxic Veins deliver the insane and usual headbanging feeling to the real Sodom zealot! Their fast parts are made to destroy the room, followed by Nothing Counts More Than Blood and Storm Raging Up; A Destructive and efficient metal onslaught, that lives up to the expectations of the first part of this insane CD: Sodom doing what Sodom does best. By the way the chorus of the latter kills!
Go back to what is written about the opening song of the CD, and you’ll have Feigned Death Throes: a good song, but this time I also like to think it was put here like an intermezzo. It doesn’t suck at all, it just won’t work well live...

Soul Contraband is more impressive with a great sound of guitar in the beginning and with the breathtaking (literally) vocals of Angelripper. Good Bless You has a touch of Kreator. Mainly from their last albums. Albeit The Art Of Killing Poetry isn’t a fast song, it is a great track. The riffs are efficient, and the soloing is potent. A strong track!

Knarrenheinz is the “mascot” who appears in almost all artwoks of Sodom and this time he gains his own song!!! Not by chance the best song of War and Pieces. Sung in German, this is a genuine oldschool massacre, fast, harsh, raw, devastating! Nuff said!
To wrap up the album Styptic Parasite is another impressive track in the vein of The Art of Killing Poetry.

Alternating fast and mid-tempo tracks, it is crystal clear that Sodom are best in the fast ones, being the only sin of this CD to not have more of them! In War and Pieces is a great album tough. It is in my collection of favourite Sodom albums ever! (along with all others hehe).

In War and Peaces is out now on SPV/Steamhammer.