Woe Of Tyrants - Threnody (Metal Blade/Riot)

Paging Mr. Threnody... Paging Mr. Threnody... Your loved one is here to pick you up...
This is the third album from this group that hails from Ohio in the United States. Why make such a big deal about a Heavy Metal group from the U.S. you might ask yourself? Well it seems that lately the groups I have been reviewing have all been from either Finland or Sweden.  Hum... I don't know maybe there is something there...  Anyway I am just glad and happy to finally be reviewing a Heavy Metal band from the U.S.
So let's start out with the basics. What does "Threnody" mean? I had no idea, so, as any reviewer would do, I googled it.  It seems that Threnody is a song or hymn inspired by the grief of losing someone you love.  I have to admit to everyone when I read that I thought to myself oh boy is this going to be like another Cinderella album? (Not that Cinderella is or was bad, they were part of their time in rock history, but...) Needless to say all of my worries and doubts went away when I heard the opening song. Thanks Woe of Tyrants for not letting me down!  What followed that first song were songs that are very well put together, and a group of musicians who truly do know what it takes to make a great album.
Things I would like to point out that really stood out in the album for me were the low deep growls of the singer.  I always love low deep growls in my metal music.  The incredible double bass of the drummer: I especially liked the bomb sounds that they produced in many of their songs on this album; they were totally awesome as I listened to his CD on my home stereo system.  I think at one point my neighbors were thinking about calling the police because they didn't know what was happening in my home, but I digress.
Last but not least I wanted to also point out the great guitar riffs throughout the album and especially in song 3 Venom Eye.  I also have to ask the band what was up with song seven, The Venus Orbit?  It sounded like it was some music from India... But the crazy thing is I found myself by the middle of the song enjoying the song and in total awe of your great and diverse musical talents.  When the song started I didn't think it was going to be that good and it seemed totally out of place on this album. By the end, though, I have to say I can appreciate what you did with the song.
Last but not least, I think that the drummers from Woe of Tyrants and Augury should have a drum off.  I have never heard as much double bassing as I have heard from these two groups.  Maybe the competition could include some categories like most double bassing in a song. Or fastest double bassing? or even heaviest double bassing?  Just a thought.  If this ever comes to light both of you guys know where to find me and I would love to see both of you go at it to see who the winner is.  After all a little competition never hurt anyone right...  
Here's a summary of my favourite songs off this album:
Song 4 - Tempting the Wretch - I like how this song was both fast and slow and was able to demonstrate the vast skills of this band of musicians.  The low growl of the singer is great and he can growl with the best of them as he does in this song.
Song 9 - Singing Surrender - Liked how this song is both fast and slow again and I once again liked the deep low growls from the singer. With that being stated I also thought it was great how this death metal group isn't afraid to use any and all instruments to make their music. I thought it was a very interesting touch at the end of this song to use a piano to fade this song out. It's not often in a death metal song that you get to hear a piano.
Overall, this album will be one that, if you already know the band, you will buy and be able to listen to over and over.  If you don't know this band and this is your first exposure to them, Threnody will be a good one to draw you in and make you want to get their other albums.  All of the songs on this album are good to listen to and they help to take the listener through a story that maybe we don't necessarily think about every day the loss of a loved one... but then again what would Heavy Metal be without a little death and destruction.  \m/
Woe of Tyrants' Threnody is out now on Metal Blade/Riot.