1349 - Demonoir (Indie Recordings Reissue)

Something wicked this way comes...

It's almost a year and a half since Norwegian black metal cohorts, 1349, released Demonoir, via Indie Recordings, but obviously someone thought it wise for another stab at it. For those who did not pick up the release first time round, Demonoir is an album full of grim and raw black metal.  One could say that Demonoir is actually a return to form, after digressing into a somewhat softer sound, with previous album Revelations Of The Black Flame. If you have never heard 1349 before, the best comparison to be made would be early Satyricon.  And no, its not because drummer Frost also appears in both bands, but more so because of vocalist Olav Bergene a.k.a. Ravn, who coincidentially, also played drums for the first couple of years of the bands existence. In regards to Frost though, his playing is a lot different to his usual work in Satyricon, focussing more on double bass and faster percussion in general. It would be wrong to say that 'Debonoir' is just grim black metal though, with a Tunnel of Set atmospheric 'theme' playing between each song. 

Overall Demonoir displays some excellent black metal, and should appeal to fans of early Darkthrone, Gorgoroth and, as mentioned, Satyricon. 

Pandemonium War Bells has to be a winner for one of the best song titles ever, and Ravn's admiration of Celtic Frost, can be heard in songs like the self-titled album track.  There are several bonus tracks here as well - including a nice little cover of Morbid Angel's Rapture - and it has to be said that it's a bit of a surprise that these have been left off previously, as they are arguably just as good as the main tracks themselves.  The Demonoir re-release is also rounded out by several live tracks, and comes as a box set with all kinds of goodies, but is apparently only limited to 1000 copies, so if you are a diehard 1349 fan, you had best be quick.