Archspire - All Shall Align (Trendkill)

Hockey, Celine Dion, moose, and the most uncompromisingly brutal album of 2011 so far.

Canada has produced some real musical detritus over the years but all is forgiven thanks to the debut offering from Vancouver-based five-piece Archspire. All Shall Align is quite simply savage. With a spitting, machine gun-like vocal delivery akin to Whitechapel's Phil Bozeman, Oli Peters screams and grunts his way through this 32-minute album with phenomenal speed, aided by similarly brutal backups from Jaron Evil, who also assumes bass responsibilities.

The musical ability of Archspire is something to behold. Axemen Tobe Morelli and Dean Lamb combine to produce cruching riffs and solos, before slowing the pace and switching off the distortion for moments of unnerving calm. Drummer Spencer Prewett plays with such incomprehensible speed and dexterity that it makes a sub-standard skinsman such as myself want to hang up the Vic Firths for good. 

Comparisons to the likes of Brain Drill are obvious due to the phenomenal speed of All Shall Align but with this album Archspire are doing more than just annihilating their instruments; they're demonstrating a top-notch combination of traditional, technical death metal and modern day deathcore in a mesmerising display of extreme music. Peters' vocals, whilst mainly incoherent, are completely hypnotic. In fact, if Tipper Gore and the PMRC got their hands on this album they'd be convinced it was recorded by the Devil himself, never more so than on Ghosts of Silent Tongue.

From start to finish, All Shall Align is consistently spot on. It may struggle to gain any gravitas with some more old-fashioned factions within the metal community (that'll be me, then - Ed.) but such is the case with numerous new, talented bands. Archspire have got a new take on technical death metal and there's no doubt that this album will get them noticed. And quite rightly so, as it's an absolute belter.

All Shall Align is out now on Trendkill