Birth A.D. - Stillbirth of a Nation (Own Label)

Come with us now on a journey into time and space, well... 1985 actually.

Before nu-metal, before metalcore, when metal kids got their guilty pleasures listening to other types of music it was crossover they turned to. In the mid eighties metal bands the globe over realised there was a lot to be learnt from their punk cousins (though the same could never really be said truthfully in return), and, in turn, 'the kids' did too. In America bands such as DRI and Corrosion of Conformity took the self righteous fury of bands like MDC and Black Flag, added a bit of metallic sturm und drang and hey presto! It got so big even Scott Ian sniffed a buck to be made from the scene, forming his Stormtroopers of Death offshoot to reap the dollar harvest available to anyone with a Black Sabbath record nestling next to a Circle Jerks elpee in their collection.


In 2011 crossover lives, though in the twenty first century with a democrat in the White House some of it's more laudable objectives have had their teeth filed down somewhat. Bands like Municipal Waste make all the right noises, but they are essentially a theme park version of crossover; Birth AD, on the other hand, are utterly the real deal.


Housed in a sleeve that is total eighties US punk, Stillbirth of a Nation is twenty minutes of blistering filth and fury that screams for your attention. Authenticitry is the key here - if you're going to play stuff so deathlessly rooted in a certain period your might as well play it properly rather than perform half-arsed tributes - 'the crossover experience'- to the sound as half remembered thanks to a few VH1 retro remembrance shows... and in tracks like the staggering Kill Everybody the band don't just hit the nail on the head, they drill the fucker into the cerebral cortex. This is music with a message, and it's a message worth hearing. Elsewhere the gang vocal chorus of Bring Back the Draft evokes memories of a thousand adolescent house parties, spilling beer on someone's carpet whilst moshing to Cryptic Slaughter; but this isn't just a nostalgia jolly for beer bellied losers looking to relive their salad days - this is music as vitally modern as it is brilliantly backward looking, and for that reason if you give it a chance, to coin a phrase - it's on for young and old.


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