Bullet – Highway Pirates

It’s back to the basics for Swedish metal heads Bullet with another lashing of AC/DC, Accept and Krokus inspired old school heavy rock.
Release Date: 
4 Feb 2011 (All day)

Seriously, I could just put the review I did for Bullet’s last Album Bite The Bullet here and it would still be relevant. This is a band that revels in the old style of sweaty, hard, leather clad rock and roll. Judas Priest, Accept, AC/DC, Krokus, Helix – all touchstones for this latest batch of short, sharp and heavy rockers. No mucking around, no deep thought, no rock operas, just Erick Almstrom & Hampus Klang's guitars ablazing, vocalist Hell Hoffer doing his best Udo impersonation, a solid as rock rhythm section (Adam Hector - Bass, Gustav Hjortsjo - Drums) and sweat, beer and puke all around. This isn’t an album to challenge you, it’s an album that wants you to enjoy yourself, to have a good time, maybe get lucky but definitely get drunk, fall down, stand back up and start all over again. In no way could you call Highway Pirates a classic album but then again you can’t say anything bad about it either. It is what it is, good old heavy metal, rock and roll, powerful, melodic, riff heavy and balls to the wall. Get drunk, turn it up loud, play ‘spot the riff’ and enjoy yourself.