Daemon Foetal Harvest - Where It Dwells (Own Label)

“It’s a Classic case of Daemon Foetal Harvest…………”
Release Date: 
1 Sep 2011 (All day)

Having been somewhat familiar with the lads from Woolongongs work, by having their EP Abducted and Compacted from 2006, I was keen to see how they had progressed, and I was not disappointed. Having picked this disc up at their live show at the Squatters Arms in Adelaide on their national release tour, I also had the pleasure in seeing many of the songs performed in their purest forms.


With a sound that blends influences from Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse and a touch of Dying Fetus and Vile, Daemon Foetal Harvest have a sound that is unique yet familiar.


As opposed to many ‘modern’ Death Metal bands, they stay away from the ‘ultra blast’ and veer more towards riffs and structure that is reminiscent of DM from the 90s rather than the 2000s.


Starting off with a rather disturbing intro, we are then hurtled into the first track I Butchered Them All. Which kicks of with a small blast section straight into a Nile-esque riff that makes your neck start to nod your skull in time.


One thing you will notice is the great production, courtesy of Tim Walker (of Soundwalker Studios). The vibe is a very natural and live feel, again steering away from the overproduced sounds of late. Every instrument is balanced and individual


Song 3, Riddled With Parasites is a great mid-paced chugger that again has instant physical results. The guitar work of Keith and Alex is pin-point and crisp, with healthy tones of Florida infused riffage. See the middle section of this song, it has a great off time stop-start riff that brings to mind some of the Steve Tucker era Morbid Angel.


The drumming of Paul is also a showcase for ‘vintage’ death metal. Flourishes when required, showy when needed, but also brutally simple when called upon. He relies a lot on altering tempo and some great double bass work, and when he hits the blast beats, he uses them just enough to keep you hanging for more without overdoing it. Daemon Foetal Harvest actually write distinct and individual songs that can stand on their own strengths.


The sixth track,  Dismembered, Buried, Forgotten to my ears is a very Vile influenced song. One reason I keep thinking Vile (the band) is especially linking to the vocals of Craig. He does have a touch of the Chris Barnes (bleeding era) and Juan Urteaga about him. His range goes from the amazingly guttural to the blood curdling screams, but generally sits comfortably in a mid-ranged growl that is not too over the top yet brutal at the same time.


Underpinning the sound is the bass work of Chris, who twangs away adding depth to the lower end of things, a great counterpoint to the higher pitched guitars. And if you are a fan of great structured solos, check out the one on Innocence to Incineration, another nod to Florida on that one!


Rounding out the album is the final track Where It Dwells, which again kicks off with some very progressive song writing, and a wicked mid-paced riff/vocal passage that builds thorough the song. This album may not reach too far beyond the shores of this fine continent, and that is a real shame as it is a showcase of what death metal can be, so in that case, get online and get some!