Death Remains - A Thousand Lives EP (Own Label)

Malicious Metalcore from the depths of London, Death Remains introduce themselves with a powerful EP.
Release Date: 
28 Aug 2011 - 11:30pm

A Thousand Lives is a four track EP from London-based Metalcore outfit Death Remains. The four tracks are Diminished Responsibility, Cincinnati Bow Tie, Laid To Waste and Innocence. The first track opens with a brief atmosperic soundscape before quickly pounding out into the heart of the band's sound. The immediate thing to strike me was the epic bottom end of the recording. The bass put out by this band is brilliant, you feel it in your soul.

The five-piece certainly produce a tight, powerful sound. The drums are sharp and relentless, accompanying that hell bass I mentioned before, and the guitar lines are tight and fast. All this is overlaid with Barry O'Connor's "brutiful" vocals. That's how they're described on the band's MySpace page, and who are we to argue?

The band was formerly known as After Death and there has clearly been a lot of changes in line-up and attitude to get them to this point with a new name and a refreshed attitude. If this EP release is anything to go by, they're certainly on the right track. If I have any complaints it would be that these four tracks are a little bit samey. It would be great to see a broader stroke of the band's potential, as there are definite hints of it within these tracks. The clean overlay vocal in Innocence, for example, that gives us a glimpse of the possible range these guys have. I'd like to hear more of that variety.

But that's a small gripe. On the whole this EP is a great taster of the talent these five guys are bringing and I'll certainly be keeping an eye on their future work. Tight, powerful, brutal, and only just beginning. Well worth a listen. And that bass! Fuck yeah.