Destroying Divinity - Dark Future (Brutal Bands)

Underground death metal at its best form. Destroying Divinity keeps it old, cold and brutal!


Hailing from  the Czech Rep.Destroying Divinity, shows that Eastern Europe has some firepower at its disposal with the album Dark Future, the third in their 10-year-career. 

The band's brand of death metal is not the most original thing in the world, and has its similarities with Morbid Angel, Suffocation and sometimes Incantation's ultra guttural blasphemies and insults against religion. 

The opener To Live in Gloom from Beyond showcases charged riffs and a frowned atmosphere which will become the norm of the whole album. Fast and doomy parts, sometimes confusing changes of tempo, and a decent production: (not that “clinical” death metal, but the gritty one, as it was made until late of nineties) is the order of the day. The soloing is somewhat intricate, outlandish, as if it was made by a musician who doesn’t have total control of his skills but wants to vomit his art through twisted soundscapes. In other words, there’s no Steve Vai in this album, but the proposal delivers what it promises. 

Even though the album has no highlights, due the lack of “singalong” parts, I must say that sounds like Birth Of Faceless Killer summarises the density of the killer metal of the album. It’s quite impossible to not headbang while the song is being played.

The album has its flaws though. The vocalist's English pronunciation slips uo sometimes, probably because he’s too certain of his ultra guttural approach that he thinks people won’t notice it. They will. The production ironically left the vocals sounding clear, guttural of course, but understandable. So the flaws appear along with the qualities.

Another strange thing is the fade-out effect in the song Prophecy which seems that some flaw had occurred and the producer decided to cut the song short.

Some friendly advice- correct these imperfections or you’ll be condemned to be appreciated only by the underground audience. From my end I can say these things even add some charm to the outcome, but if the guys want to make it in the music industry, the alert has been given.

All in all, Dark Future is a good album that will satisfy the fans of death metal, but it requires some spins to be fully appreciated. Destroying Divinity is a force to be reckoned with.