Deus Otiosus – Murderer (FDA/American Line)

Danish metallers bring a familiar kind of death

The most extreme sub-genres of metal have long been associated with bands hailing from the Nordic regions. Death metal is certainly one of the most popular and celebrated of these, possibly because it is closer to ‘bigger’ genres thrash and heavy metal therefore being slightly easier to get into. It also helps being less Church-burny and murderous than others.

Hailing from Scandinavia, Deus Otiosus should know better than many what it takes to be a talented band. It sounds like the Danish death metallers have been paying some attention to the horrifically great bands around them and channelled that into their first album proper, Murderer.

Murderer’s opening track I Have Seen Him Slay begins with a sustained vocal grunt like an evil a cappella Christmas carol and after this short introduction Deus Otiosus’ musical power spews forth with scarcely a let up throughout its 8 tracks.

There are flickers of thrash metal in the pulverising guitar riffs of Wall Of Violence and the avalanche of terror of Thousand Arms Of The Dead. The surprisingly tuneful Ash World with its simple but hugely powerful main riff is the standout track. Throughout the guitars are tight, the drums explosive, the bass rattling and the vocals slow and gravelly.

Deus Otiosus’ riffs, although heavy as hell, mostly sound very familiar. The For Whom The Bell Tolls-alike riffs in Whore Limbs and the altogether slower but equally terrifying Black Sabbath-sounding riffs of Ye Pigs Of Little Faith have been done to death. However, saying or insinuating this album is a complete loss would be wholly unfair.

Deus Otiosus may not be reanimating the genre but they have a sound that is faithful to the death metal roots. ‘Classic death’ could be on the rise.