Double Dragon - Sons of Asena (Truth Inc.)

Familiar faces in Australia look set to take on the rest of the metal planet
Release Date: 
4 Dec 2011 - 11:30pm

Double Dragon is a band that is extremely well known by the metal community in their native Australia but as of yet,  they haven't made any hugely significant waves overseas. However, their latest album could be the catalyst of change.

Most regular readers of Metal as Fuck will be familiar with Double Dragon. Not only have they been a significant feature at Australia's various metal festivals for the past few years but they have also secured much coveted support slots with metal luminaries such as Slayer, Mastodon and Carcass

Latest album Sons of Asena shows influences from all these big hitters, and many others. Opening track Malediction has a real Machine Head feel both in terms of the song structure and vocalist Lee Gardiner's delivery. It immediately becomes apparent that Double Dragon isn't just another simplistic metal band. There's a huge leaning towards thrash but some of the guitar and drum parts nestle into the more melodic death category, whilst the massive riff and spitting vocal of Transfusion lets you know that Pantera have played a part in these boys' development.

The most exciting thing about Sons of Asena is the variety. It's all balls-out metal but there are tunes on here that would appeal to fans of the old school Megadeth and Slayer's of this world, through to those more inclined towards Stone Sour and Alter Bridge (without the sanitised vocals) particularly on Cut the Cord. In fact, if Bullet for my Valentine ever went through puberty they might sound like Double Dragon.

This album is interesting, heavy and full of opportunities to smash a beer over your head and run around like a mental. It shows a massive amount of potential and most importantly for this type of music, sounds like it would be fantastic to watch at a live show. A thoroughly cracking slab of metal.