Elimination – The Blood Of Titans (Transcend Music)

British thrash metal team eliminate the opposition with second album The Blood Of Titans.
Release Date: 
28 Nov 2011 (All day)

Forty-something years after Black Sabbath terrified and repulsed audiences with their dark and ten-tonne-heavy music, Britain has produced some fine heavy metal bands in their wake. With a new label and new album, Elimination are lining up to join the heavy metal elite with grandly titled second album, The Blood Of Titans.

While the focus of British metal right now may be centred mostly on one band, it allows others to go about their business…and business is good. Awful wordplay aside, Elimination share many similarities with the likes of U.S. thrash gods Megadeth and Anthrax and their media-hogging (deservedly so) Brit chums Evile.

It is often fast and riffy as hell, as the band line up behind the power of the riff, effortlessly moving forward in its slipstream, but The Blood Of Titans is striving for more than a ‘straight’ thrash album.

Elimination lead you through the various peaks and troughs throughout each track; you charge, fists aloft, right next to them as they bash, crash and slash their way forward. And then they lead you on a progressive, almost dream-like metal audio journey.

The Anthrax-alike Function Of The Human Condition, the sweeping …Puppets-era-Metallica sounding Echoes Of An Unclear Past and the all-consuming riffs of the excellent My Own Enemy fizzle and pound from the speakers. The musicianship and daring on the furiously powerful Prisoner Of Tomorrow is expertly handled.

This is a very impressive album, Elimination showing they have the guts and the ability to write subtly intricate and immediately impactful music. The Blood Of Titans can comfortably sit alongside their biggest U.S. and UK contemporaries alike.