Eyeconoclast – Sharpening Our Blades On The Mainstream EP (Downfall Records)

Italian death-thrash crew give a gleaming insight into their new album with a storming EP


Eyeconoclast does not do subtle. They do nothing less than 100mph volume-high, head banging, fists raging, balls-out metal. The Italian death-thrashers are back with a 3-track EP to whet your appetite for the forthcoming album.

Sharpening Our Blades On The Mainstream rips open with title track Sharpening Our Blades On The Mainstream and tears through Anxic Waters and XXX – Manifest of Involution for a brilliantly fast and heavy showcase. Energy, rage and power explodes from the speakers. Finally the dust settles after little over 12 minutes.

Eyeconoclast are a talented bunch. The performance is airtight; the time changes are right on the nose. The guitars and bass are in a constant frenzy yet still carry a running theme. They manage to create a powerfully heavy, intertwining rhythm that always stays clear and never feels like they are competing for a place front and centre. The vocals are mighty and impressive. Surprisingly low in the mix it does not feel neglected, infact it brings the others in for a compact grenade of sound. The drums are the standout sound; every beat is calculated, fast and brutal.

Sharpening Our Blades On The Mainstream is short but gets straight to the razor-sharp point. If this is a sign of things to come from Eyeconoclast then things will be bloody good.