Lord Volture - Never Cry Wolf (Own Label)

Hard and heavy Dutchmen delivering the goods...
Release Date: 
11 Nov 2011 (All day)

‘Pure and unpolished heavy metal hailing from the Netherlands!”

Thus screams Lord Volture himself on his facebook info page, and, really, there’s not a whole lot more to add to that. There’s an underworld swelling at the moment of bands – new bands, thank goodness, spearheaded by the likes of UK hellions Monument- who yearn simply to produce fantastic, unashamedly old school heavy metal that, whilst tipping its leather and studded cap to the masters – and its Maiden and Priest that seem to have occupied most of Lord Volture’s attention in his formative years – capitalizes on the advances that technology affords us in the twenty first century to provide something shiny, glitteringly attractive but, most importantly, something very metal indeed.

Lord Volture isn’t a real person, of course. The band is very much the plaything of vocalist David Marcelis, a real leather-larynxed shouter of classic style who never shies from unleashing an Eric Adams approved scream when he thinks he can get away with it, but whilst he’s definitely in charge the rest of the band (that’s Paul Marcelis and Leon Hermans on guitar, Simon Guerts on bass and Frank Wintermans on bass) aren’t backwards in coming forwards when its their turn to shine.

Opener Taiga kicks down your door and announces its presence with no standing on ceremony, and, for the next hour after that introduction it’s a no holds barred headbanging feast. Singer Marcelis is a vocal dead ringer for Swedish throatsmith Andy Le Guerin of Mean Streak, so much so that, if you aren’t concentrating you might actually forget which band you’re listening to, save for the fact that LV are a little more uncompromising and frantic in their delivery. But joking aside the comparison is a good one and so, if it’s ‘proper’ heavy metal you are after without any tiresome divisions into genre and sub-genre or the need to put the word –core at the end of another word to validate what's being played, you’ll really enjoy this album.