Nesseria - Nesseria - (Throatruiner Records)

One doesn’t need to be garish to be brutal. Nesseria brings you the right dose of unrelenting, grinding black onslaught.


Hailing from France, Nesseria have in their resumè some split albums prior to this debut full length. The band presents a symbiosis of black metal and grindcore in their sound (the latter being the most latent influence throughout their self titled album). 

They show their brutal attack right off the bat with the song A ceux qui nous ont lâchés, However it will be only in the second piece, Arkhangelsk, that the ears start to get used to the nature of Nesseria's music - : grinding drumming with some breaks and intelligent riffs. It’s hard to not compare them with Napalm Death (industrial and grindcore phases, mainly in the riffage approach) and that impression keeps ticking on one’s mind all the way. They’re not imitators though. 

Nesseria is not that kind of “clinical metal” that seems to be ubiquitous nowadays. Their sound is pretty organic judging by the nature of production: Gritty but not untidy, all instruments perfectly audible, yet harsh in the right dosage. Not exactly reinventing the wheel, their art lives up to their proposal in exhibiting an understated (but not mediocre by any means) form of metal.

Havixbecker Strabe shows a doomish approach to this kind of sound if you know what I mean. If you don’t know, I’ll explain: the first seconds sounding like a slowing prelude to total destruction only to explode in a fast brutal spree of gigantic proportions. Their next number Par Pertes Et Profits sums up the nature of the album, varying from rapid parts to mid tempos, then to fast paces again, and the riff is simply killer. Extreme music where you'll actually remember each part, without much intellectual effort.  And so is Le quatrième âge with its “alarm” riffs resembling an air raid warning in a besieged city. This song clocks in at over 5 minutes in length, unusual for the style, but totally cohesive with the average 2-minute songs of the rest of the album. 

A sequence of blitzkriegs is presented with the triumvirate Les alternatives, Pyramide and Ministère de la concurrence culturelle making the album advance abruptly to the end. 

53% is remarkably slower than the rest of the album, but once again they seize the attention of the hearer with witty rifferama. It's the best song of the album.

The closer Les Filles de Dieu, is more like an outro, flawlessly delivering a kind of valediction approach to a decent debut housed in 33 minutes of pure musical pleasure. Essential for those who are looking for underrated and underground music. Go for it!