Novel Of Sin – Sound Of Existence (Kreative Klan)

The home of pasta cooks up another tasty metal treat.

Italy has a long tradition in fine things – food, football, fashion, film, f…art. In recent years homegrown metal has been one of the most interesting things to come out of Italia. Fleshgod Apocalypse and Lacuna Coil lead the way like black Pied(montese) Pipers of the apocalypse. This year alone has seen impressive releases from Screaming Eyes and Eyeconoclast. Added to this list comes Novel Of Sin with their crushing debut Sound Of Existence.

Novel Of Sin mix the uncompromising charging brutality of American Headcharge and Slipknot with the indecipherable screaming and howling vocals in the tattooed vein of Bring Me The Horizon.

Dethroned, Fragile and Voices, Prayers And Remembrances grind along with grating, fuzzy guitars and drums so powerful they could bring down buildings. The final track is a dance remix of Fragile - this is not so much a sidestep from the rest of the album but a giant leap of inappropriate.

Sound Of Existence has a clear feeling of late ‘90s/early ‘00s metal about it with its pounding breakdowns and feeling of abandoned helplessness which makes it feel a little dated at times. But there are so many successful and good classic metal bands that this isn’t much of a problem.

Despite a track that doesn’t deserve to be on the album and a lack of doing something new, Novel Of Sin are very good at what they do. That is to create a feeling of devastating, crushing intent. Viva Italia!