Origin – Entity (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

An album that should appeal to all fans of technical death metal...
Release Date: 
9 Jun 2011 - 11:30pm

Origin are a band that have been around for awhile now, and have in fact just released their fifth full length album, jumping from Relapse to Nuclear Blast in the process. They are a band that are well respected and well loved, and in another reviewer’s hands, this might have got a big thumbs up.

There is no doubt that, as mentioned above, Origin have a die-hard fan base, probably mostly because they are quite an efficient, and extremely technical, death metal band.  But here lies the problem for someone like myself - while the music maybe good in a technical way, it’s this same technical way that is in no way whatsoever appealing, at least to someone such as myself.

Death metal has been around for a long time now, and we have seen many a band try to be the fastest, the quickest or even the most technical, but at the end of the day, this often overclouds the actual music.  In essence, yes, Origin is highly technical, but as a result, this overshadows the actual development of any decent songs.  Will I remember any of this music in ten years time, or even one?  Most probably not, and truth be told, I will probably not even remember any of it, by the time I wake up tomorrow.  Unfortunately this is the problem for any technical death metal band, be it Origin or Meshuggah – the technicality will always get in the way, thus outweighing any kind of decent melody, or song structure.  Maybe I just don’t get it, but personally, I have never really understood the purpose of music having to be so damn technical.  So I will leave this by saying that, while I personally did not enjoy Entity, please don’t let that put you off, because fans of this actual style of death metal are sure to love it nevertheless.  As for me?  Well, I will stick to Entombed and Bolt Thrower.