Ouroboros - Glorification of A Myth (Own Label)

You can eat your dinner off it...
Release Date: 
31 May 2011 - 11:30pm

Ouroboros released this album a couple of months ago but it's only just found it's way to my gramophone, so I get out of my bath-chair and give it a whirl...so here we go with Glorification of A Myth:

This five piece, tech death/thrash outfit from Sydney are obviously very, competent musicians - it shows on every track; the finger-burning guitar solos and sweet, sweet drums are certainly in the fore of the mix. The opening track Black Hole Generator opens with violent double kicks drums, riffage galore and a roaring vocal line, and you can hear that vocalist Evgeny Linnik is giving it everything he's got. Next up is Lashing of the Flames with a strange flamenco break in the middle yet it works well against the heavy guitar work of Mikhail Okrugin and Chris Jones. We get a brief summary of evolution in Animal, Man...Machine and the drums are given another severe spanking by David Horgan in the following track Sanctuary. 

The first few times I listened to this album was through speakers and the next few times via headphones, and I was struck by the difference in sound. I suspect my speakers are about to shuffle off this mortal coil becuase it was only when I put the album through phones that I was struck by how highly produced this album is. The production is incredibly clean and would perhaps benefit from a bit of a roll in the dirt? A touch of rawness wouldn't go amiss in my humble opinion but it's still a juicy piece of work. Ouroboros self released a four track EP in 2007 - I haven't heard it but I wonder if it has the same production values?

Sea to Summit has (or do I imagine it?) global warming themes but the title is only growled once through the entire song.  I'm liking the album but where's the bass? Michael Conti's bass work is sweet when it pops it's head up, but it's only now and then and I want more.

Disembodied Mind is full of complex rhythms and lyrics such as "Eyelids seal with blow torch glows..." remind me of old Slayer circa Reign in Blood. There's not one song on ...Glorification that's under four minutes so you'll definitely get value for your money with this album.

Panacea has war themes and ideas about killing your brother to end the suffering (I suspect anyone who has a brother has probably contemplated this...) and Edifice of Tyranny (the longest track at 7m.44s) again has fiery solos and banging drums. The skill of all members should be noted and I think they'd be most excellent to see live.

Absent From Eternity is the last track and it's a fine number to finish on. Overall, I've got no complaints but as the album ends, I get a vision (Nurse! It's happening again...) of a dirty faced metaller in the workhouse, he holds his bowl aloft, as he approaches the hard faced guv'nor. "Please sir, can I have some more bass?"