Sinner - One Bullet Left (AFM Records)

They know what they like, and they like what they know...
Release Date: 
9 Sep 2011 (All day)

Every now and then it’s nice to just be presented with an album that is what it is; Sinner’s sixteenth studio album, One Bullet Left, is just such a refreshing piece of plastic.

German musician Mat Sinner is comfortable enough in his own talent to not have to concern himself with conforming to whatever happens to be flavour of the moment in the wider metal world; he knows what he likes, but, more importantly perhaps he knows what his fans like and so he’s happy to churn out albums like this, albums which, though resolutely heavy in outlook care not one jot for industry mores or sales figures.

How else would you explain the presence of Back on Trail, a song where Sinner pays tribute – with a straight face- to Thin Lizzy with such painstaking reverence that he almost manages to sound like a black Irishman from Stuttgart, Germany. Almost. The song musically is pure Jailbreak-era Lizzy, superbly executed and it’ll probably be a riot live, it’s just that Sinner’s vocal delivery is so distracting that you actually find yourself listening to the song over and over to see if the band is being serious or not.

They are of course, but really Sinner’s singing on this one track is the only actual blemish on the whole album. Elsewhere you’ll hear echoes of his other band – Primal Fear- on the heavier numbers but mainly what you get is great Euro hard rock delivered with skill and verve for people who just like to crack open a beer and sing along with high quality, no-frills rockin' music. People like me. And we love it. Give Sinner a chance - you might find you love it too!