In Solitude - The World The Flesh The Devil (Metal Blade/Riot)

Frustratingly familiar fayre from these identikit Swedes.
Release Date: 
24 May 2011 (All day)

I mean, it’s a good record and all, but really, does the world need another band that sounds exactly like Mercyful Fate?

In Solitude’s second album is a real conundrum. It’s packed full of brilliant riffs – and some good songs too – housed in a production (from Fred Estby of Dismember reknown) that places it faithfully slap bang in the middle of 1982. Up to now you’re thinking ‘so far so good’, right? And, as I listen now to the album’s closing track, On Burning Paths, which is as good a synthesis of King Diamond’s satan chic and Iron Maiden’s classic ‘first five album’ momentum as you’ll hear this year I have to say I find myself to be in agreeance. It’s just... well, let’s say there are enough albums currently doing the rounds where ‘you’ve heard it all before’ would be an apposite subtitle and leave that as an explanation as to why you don’t really need to shell out for TWTFTD.

But that’s enough whining. The album does have it’s moments, most notably On Burning Paths and the excellent Demons. However whilst you are listening to that latter track you’ll find yourself thinking ‘wasn’t this on the Ghost album? If it wasn’t it could have been”, and again therein lies the rub. In Solitude are always good, sometimes brilliant, but never inspired. If that’s a good enough recommendation for you then you’ll love every minute of this album. But the Iron Templar needs a little more...