The Soulless - Isolated (Earache/Riot)

Young English Pups The Soulless may have a new name, but it's very much as you were soundwise...
Release Date: 
15 May 2011 - 11:30pm

The artists formerly known as Ignominious Incarceration return with a new moniker but not, to the relief of their ever swelling legion of devotees, a new musical direction.

Isolated sees the band entrenching their position as one of Britain's best up-and-coming melodic death metal outfits; There’s enough nu-school about them to appeal to young audiences whilst the always-present-in-the-shadows hints of Gothenburg mean they’ll appeal to ‘more mature’ fans of the genre – surely putting them in a ‘win-win’ situation?

You’d think so, but, whilst Isolated is definitely a pleasant way to spend half an hour of one’s existence, there’s a slightly faceless nature to much of the material on offer that means as a casual listener there’s not a lot to form an attachment to. Vocalist Andy Wardle bellows admirably but without much character, whilst guitarists Steve Brown and Kristian Dawson have all the moves and enough flair to occasionally cause you to reach for your air guitar, especially on the excellent Clones; but in an arena where the established Gods offer you all this and much more besides you’re left thinking that Isolated is very much a case of watch this space rather than a full-on wahaaaayyy!! proposition. It’s a good record, not great but it’s certainly enough to keep the band in the game until next time, and I for one will be looking on with interest to see what they come up with next.