Stampede - A Sudden Impulse (Grind That Axe)

Twenty eight years in the making, A Sudden Impulse sees the NWOBHM stalwarts in fine form.
Release Date: 
8 May 2011 - 11:30pm

One of the biggest shocks of recent times in the world of metal was the news that NWOBHM nearly men Stampede were reforming. I must admit to being quite pleased myself, having been something of a fan of the band's output as a junior headbanger, and I jumped at the chance to snaffle a review copy in order to spread the good word to you, the reading public.

The resultant elpee flopped into the MaF PO Box and, loping home (I just can't manage a full paced trot any more) I feverishly slid it into the CD tray and stabbed the play button repeatedly, eager to hear what new Stampede material might sound like in 2011...

Of course stabbing the play button repeatedly kept pausing the bloody player, but once that minor hiccup was overcome I settled down into the Metal as Fuck reviewing couch and let the sounds of 1982 wash all over me.

At least that was the plan. The reality was much different; wisely, the band - most of whom are clearly now nearly thirty years older than they were then- have opted not to try and clone the Days of Wine and Roses when they charged headlong through Hurricane Town and on to The Other Side (can you see what I did there?). What they have done is produced a sleek, bluesy hard rock album (not to far from where fellow Brit  hard rockers UFO is these days) that, whilst rather  reserved in the ol' heads down mania department is still rather spiffing if you've reached an age where songcraft is as important as parent-baiting catharsis. Stars of the show are of course the father/stepson duo of Reuben and Laurence Archer; Reuben in particular is a revelation. He's in full control of his voice throughout A Sudden Impulse, his rich, bluesy tenor stamping it's authority all over the likes of This Road and the Aerosmithy Havin' Fun, with nary a hint that he's at an age when most blokes are looking forward to a bus pass and catalogueing their old Countdown videos - this is a masterful performance. Laurence brings the riff with class and panache and, whilst this ain't exactly your usual MaF fodder, its still more than worth a listen if bluesy hard rock pricks up your ears every now and then.