6h33 - Giggles, Garlands & Gallows (Own Label)

Fruity French Fun For Fans of Freakish Fabulousness...
Release Date: 
17 May 2012 - 11:30pm

Oh sweet Satan...where to even begin with this one? Surely the love child of an unholy threesome between Mr Bungle, Frank Zappa and Devin Townsend? It is just blindingly brilliant in all its strange beauty and weirdness. This little three track E.P should be available on prescription because it’s an antidote to depression, anxiety and that terrible sickness; taking it all a bit too seriously.
Order Of The Red Nose opens with synthy madness reminiscent of Mr Bungle (although we shouldn’t automatically credit Bungle as the originators of circus-inspired spookiness). The carnival inspired, circus themed song tells a tale of a clown who catches his fiancée (the bearded lady) in a lusty embrace with a dwarf, which causes said clown to go on a killing spree. Vocalist Arno (or Arnaud, depending on how you like it) Strobl, previously of Carnival In Coal, lends his suitably smooth and lounge-style voice to the EP, and his voice gets a real work-out, jumping from the syrup-drenched stylings of a cabaret act through to some fine death metal impersonations. My favourite lyric on this track is “15 years of devotion and absolute love thrown to the trash for the prick of a dwarf.” Indeed, it’s happened to me 40 times...and combined with the electro-funk ending, this song is just too damned catchy. It compels you to play it again and again.
M.I.D.G.E.T.S is next and continues the story but from the side of the vertically challenged folk who rise up to form a lynch mob and hunt down the clown. It’s got a proud, noble intro which immediately gets thrown out the window to be replaced by weird (yet wholly enjoyable) polyrhythms and time-changes such as we hear from Serious Beak or Blotted Science. The layering on here is beautiful with fellow musicians (to name some but not all) Niko, S.A.D, Mister Z, and Dietrisch Von Schtrudle pouring their instruments into a seething cauldron of hilarity and madness. Strobl’s vocal range is just so diverse, you never know what’s coming next, and while there are sections of the song that are heavy, it’s irrelevant because the whole is greater than the parts. Midway through the song just dives into a frenzy yet despite the complexity, nothing is ever lost. It works perfectly and is musically brilliant, with the synthesizers conjuring images of tiny clown cars and elongated shoes (and vicious stabby midgets).
We finish with I Like It, a track with a massive anthem sound that breaks off into some mad jazzy lounge grooves complete with saxophone and then it’s into who-knows-what. I only know that, like the title, I like it. A lot. The guitar chords against the synths are genius and I could rave on about these guys for ages because any thing that makes me laugh (and this little three track EP had me laughing like the proverbial idiot) deserves a nod.
You really must check this out.