Battle Pope vs Jesus Christ Posse - We Had a Saviour Once... I Judged Him (Art as Catharsis)

Blasphemy has never been so much fun...
Release Date: 
12 Dec 2012 - 12:30am

Battle Pope have returned - and this time they're bringing their chums Jesus Christ Posse to the party. This collection of 19 tunes (9 from Battle Pope and 10 from JCP) may well offend those with an affinity to a particular deity/faith but for those of us who are less concerned with going to Hell, let us join together and take communion with these naughty fellows. If you can get past Battle Pope's lyrical obesession with their own genitalia (and they do sing about their cocks quite a lot), then you should appreciate their ultra tight breed of funky, rock and/or roll, grind madness. There's no denying that they write damned catchy tunes, each one liberally doused with their sense of humour (and, I trust, irony? I'd be slightly concerned if this wasn't the case...) Rapture Cominatchya is a fine example of funky goodness laid over traditional rock and roll riffs - as is Dwarven Porn Trader Blues, a raunchy number that lasts for just one minute and twenty four seconds. You could easily be offended by Battle Pope but why take the easy way out? Give 'em a go - you can get this release from a mere $2 at the Art As Catharsis website.

Jesus Christ Posse describe their music as 'hard-core christian militant punk rock' - I'm not sure of their religious leanings but they go off with bang on this release, capturing all the rage and anger and fun times of the hard-core punk genre. Several of their tracks are less than a minute long so you even if you're not taken with them, you won't have time to get bored as they'll be over before you know it. Personally I find them to be divinely inspired; their seminal track Christ Compels Me is a work of extreme religious devotion and almost had me ringing the conversion hotline. Then I remembered that I'm in league with the Devil and don't believe in Jeebers or his Dog so that scuppered that plan.

If you like a spot of blasphemy wrapped in some good solid musicianship, give this release a go. It's fun (penis obsession aside), funky and none too serious; a perfect gift for granny this christmas.