Clock Paradox - Egotheism (Inverse Records)

Another day, another dose of progressive death metal

First up, for those who are wondering about the bands name, in a nutshell, it is a scientific theory that if someone were to travel at a great speed, time for them would slow down, compared to to someone who stood still. A pretty cool concept - at least Einstein throught so - but is it a good name for a progressive death metal band? Probably not, after all, a die hard death metal fan, flicking through the CD's at his local shop, is most likely not going to take much notice to something that is a little 'lightweight'. But of course it's the music that we should really judge a band on, right?

As we've mentioned, this Finnish band are a progressive death metal band, with emphasis on progressive. There are eight songs on Egotheism' - an album that is about delving into the mind of a psychopath - but there's not a lot to differentiate each of them, which is the bands biggest weakness.  Their strongest asset though, is their talent to add genuine atmosphere to such songs as Virtual Compassion and Cleansing Self. Its not enough to take the band into the big leagues, but it's a start. 

Those of us who have been into this kind of music - death metal - since it literally begun, will find this far too repetitive and monotonous, but there are probably a lot of younger fans especially that will dig 'Egotheism'. Progressive death metal is also not a sub-genre that is appealing to all, even to those of us who are death metal fans, but once again, for those that get into it, might find something of interest here.  On the whole, an okay album, but not one that we would rush out to buy.