Crowned - Vacuous Spectral Silence (Séance Records)

Pagan atmospheric Black Metal from Oz!

Everybody knows that nowadays Aussie metal is some of the best to be found worldwide, and that’s not even patriotism because I’m not an Aussie, but I do love Aussie Metal (or do you think that writing for an Australian site is just a coincidence?) and I’m utterly glad when a legit band from the other side of the world comes my way.

This case is the excellent Crowned, hailing from Brisbane Metal City: they purvey a kind of black metal in the vein of Drudkh, Burzum, Notkturnal Mortum, Ygg, Khorz and so on…

Just when everybody thought the style was oversaturated, then, here comes another band to show us that the battle must go on. Vacuous Spectral Silence contains only 6 tracks wrapped in an exhaustive 56 minutes of long and repetitive phrases with occasional keyboards, and a production that will make the band a classic of the style and put them in the same pocket as Slavic and (old) Norwegian peers, just as happened with Abyssic Hate, Drowning the Light, Nazxul, Erebus Enthroned and others. 

The band has  the qualities that only the greats in the style bear: hypnotic ranges of aural transcendence that never let the listener become bored, instead it will transport them to a netherworld of natural ambiences with monastic chants, fast and slow drumming, a classic uncompromising 1990’s sound. 

This is a phantasmagorical and introspective release for orphans of the style (that was somewhat engulfed by the black metal of the war persuasion that mixes thrash and death). You shall find none here, and neither the boring “one-man-band” computer projects. This stuff is made with passion taken from the traditional style by obdurate souls. 

All instruments are real, all of this was made by three cloaked figures whose names and faces were never revealed. 

Vacuous Spectral Silence is a great release by a great undisclosed gem of Australian black metal. 100% indicated! 


Vacuous Spectral Silence is out now on Séance Records