Deathronation – Exorchrism (

Low-budget death metal for radical deathbangers

Deathronation is a Death Metal act from Nuremberg, who released two demos, and this release is a compilation of both of them.

Basic death metal, is what it is, and they seem to be another band jumping in the “old school” death metal bandwagon. 

The first part of the CD which is their second release has a good sound compared to the old demo, and it has its moments like the good soloing in the first song Beg for your God. They have influences mainly like their countryman of Necros Christos and you can add a bunch of other old school death metal bands in their influences. 

But they lack that “something” which makes the songs glue in one’s mind. It’s the most basic of the basic, they seem to play just for the sake of it. The riffs are very similar to each other  and the vocals sound out of tempo sometimes. It’s not bad, but again…

That’s the result of lack of good production that DOESN’T mean the pro-tools sound of the overtly tech death metal bands of our time. Raw is not mediocre, but the sound is what it is. Low budget music for those who hunt for underground sounds. 

The second part of the compilation which is their first demo released in 2006 is even more primitive, with a worse sound and production. 

Also, the songs are lengthy, but nothing that cannot be adjusted in the future. 

The fact is that the band is true to their roots and no one can blame them for this fact. But a little more investment with a professional producer would do the trick and lift Deathronation to the status of a real cult death metal band. For the time being this is ONLY recommended for die-hards of oldest school of death metal.  




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