Decrepitaph – Forgotten Scriptures (Selfmadegod)

Exhaustive 54-minute comp. only for die-hards of primitive doom/death metal

The great Californian outfit Decrepitaph likes to keep things primitive. That’s exactly what they do here on this compilation released by Selfmadegod.

It comprises an unreleased rehearsal track, a live track recorded in Houston (TX), The whole EP Resurrected and Rotting, originally released in 2009, and 5 other tracks taken from splits with bands such as Anatomia, Eternal Solstice, Offal, Eroded, Meathole Infection and Father Befouled, methodically put on the CD with this exact order (being the split with Anatomia released in 2011 and the first split with Father Befouled released in 2009) with the EP in between. 


I have praised releases like this before because it gives a new opportunity for people who hadn’t had the chance to hear these songs (normally released by different labels) to hear the entire discography of the band.

The songs on this compilation sounds like it they were recorded for this disk because one cannot perceive great variations between the sound - due to some great work of mastering on the CD I guess.


For those who aren’t acquainted with the sound of Decrepitaph, the 13 tracks enshrine a doom-laden death metal sound in the vein of Cianide, Autopsy and Ex Dementia.

There are no great surprises since this band heavily attach themselves to this primitive form of death metal: there’s no compromise here: All the tracks go from doom with 3 maybe 4 or 5 riffs , 4/4 tempos and sudden blast beats, with splitting bass and guitars and vocals spewed directly from the mouth of a corpse that died from a pulmonary embolism.

But this release is not  made to present the band to new fans. If you’re after something of theirs I recommend that you go directly to one of their albums. Instead, this is solely dedicated to die-hard fans of the band, who missed their early works and don’t want to lose the most underground side of Decrepitaph. Not for beginners. 


Forgotten Scriptures is out now on Selfmadegod