Deiphago – Satan Alpha Omega (Hells Headbangers Records)

Top Grade Filipino Nuclear Antichrists are back with a message of hate, nihilism and atomic destruction!

Between all the brutal death black bands (which people call war Metal, bestial black metal, primitive old school black metal, or WHATEVER – in this case bands like Blasphemy, Morbosidad, Blasphemophagher, Proclamation, Impiety and so on) Deiphago is easily the most noisy of them all, for bad or for worse.

After the magnanimous album Filipino Antichrist (released in 2009) and their interesting  last release, a split with Nuclearhammer called Excharge (containing covers of Exploited and Discharge) this legion is back to wreak havoc on the last pillars of what we call civilization and ultimately, Human Race.

Human Race Absolute End is brutal, high pitched, a bulldozer destructing everything in sight.

Satan Mongers stands up as another lethal weapon of mass destruction; after surges of metallic lashing you are shot to hell.

The album has other good moments, and although the production was deliberately done to up the ante on how the destruction is perceived by the eardrum, one can notice the actual instruments being played, and the bass (yes you can hear it) is so heavy that it seems like a huge explosion.

There is a cover of Deicide's Crucifixation which made me remember what Glenn Benton and his gang were in the beginning of 1990’s. Nostalgia level 666.

But the best song is the title track, and the vocals are so intense that it’s truly NOT recommended for virgin ears to Brutal Real Death Black Metal. (or for fans of Devildriver who really believe they like death/black) This is total devastation, this is not for BEGINNERS!

Last track (outro) is a 7-minute experimental/industrial noise passage with white noises appearing out of the blue, which merges an industrial nightmare with radio-jammed transmissions from World War II. 

If there is a word or some sort of terminology to describe the whole album it's: ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!! This is the end of the world coming in disguised as an innocent CD release. Inside, detonations of a dirty bomb wait for you.   


Satan Alpha Omega is out now on Hells Headbangers.