Deus Otiosus - Godless (Deepsend Records)

Danish classic Death Metal crossed with Thrash for a Godless world.


A bit of Old School death metal with a serve of thrash was just what my day called for. Deus Otiosus delivered with fast-paced blackly melodic riffs, clear speedy drumming and lovely gut-deep growls. Godless is a rich aggressively down-tuned album with a mix of tempos, guitar harmonies, and stylistic elements dragged forth from the pits of hell to a world where you will not be saved.

Godless is a follow-up to Deus Otiosus’ debut album Murderer. Hailing from Denmark, Deus Otiosus (which translates as ‘Idle God’) take the classic death metal sound, merged with west coast thrash, and deliver a second solid album worth adding to your collection. With themes of fallen angels, the supernatural, death and a world without deities, Godless has eight songs written over many years but rearranged to surge forth as a unified album with a distorted black edge.

Fast and laden with tremolo guitar passages, Snakes of the Low fires up as an aggressive start to the album. In Harm's Way has a rock-n-roll beat, with screaming heavy metal guitar solos, and death metal growls. This is a song to pump your fist to. The album slows down for the track New Dawn, which comes in heavy and hard with a gloriously dragging bass line. Godless rages forth again with Pest Grave, an up-tempo song with an addictive riff line punctuated by chest caving growls.

Surrounded by the Dead is stylistically a classic death metal song but deviates before it becomes mired in popular nostalgia of the genre. Cast From Heaven starts slow, before speeding up into fast death riffs spiked with heavily melodic passages and intestine tickling vocals.

In your face aggressive with a violent tempo, Face the Enemy races Godless towards the end of the album while providing some excellent air-guitar moments and a thrashing good head-bang. The final song on the album, Death Dance, is a death metal waltz with the personification of Death himself, La Grande Danse Macabre if you will. Morbid and melodic, this song provides a fittingly slow melancholic death knell to the end of Godless.

In Godless, Deus Otiosus have proved a second time that they understand the difference between straight out mimicry of a genre and creating their own unique sound. If you like the old school Scandinavian death metal bands, love a bit of thrash, and like things a little more macabre, give Godless a listen.


Godless is available now from Deepsend Records.