Die On Planes - The Deep Future (Own Label)

Don't ask me; I'm not qualified to comment. Or am I?

What can I say about Die On Planes and their release The Deep Future? I don't claim to understand it but that doesn't stop me from embracing it.

The opener False Memeory Syndrome sounds like a band tuning up yet somehow it manages to pull itself together into some kind of cohesive whole. In fact the entire album pretty much follows in the same way; chaotic yet somehow at the same time there's a strange order to it. Could you call it experimental (with an accent on 'mental')? Is it art? Is it Ummagumma for a new millenia? I have no idea. I know these fellows reject the idea of having any kind of intellectual base to their music and that their goal is to be a band and nothing more. I also know that they improvise the hell out of their live gigs creating all manner of fruity sound-scapes. But that's all I know and dare surmise. Other tracks on here such as Today...Twice, Axxoff and Toxic and Wrong are more examples that music and art, like so much in this world, is simply a matter of opinion - you think it's a pile of shit composed by retarded, barely competent musicians? It is. You see The Deep Future as a piece of perfectly constructed art? It's that too. Are you worried that you're not cool enough to 'get' what the band is about? Then you probably should just fuck right off...

I could adopt a particularly arty tone and try to dissect the remaining tracks (A Life Without Time, Post Hole Digger and the epic 37 minute long Sit Back, Relax) but what would be the point? You need to experience it and make your own mind up and you can download a whole bunch of Die On Planes tracks for free (see link below), so you won't be losing any hard-earned cash if you check them out. And I'd advise that you do. What have you got to lose? Your prejudices?