Dokken - Broken Bones (Frontiers/Riot)

Keeping the flame of the eighties alive.

Anyone reading this remember In My Dreams? It was only one of a handful of classic hits by US heavy metal band Dokken, named after founder Don Dokken, whose band has gone on to sell over ten million albums worldwide.  Dokken, like all those hair metal bands that he would be compared against back in the day, might not be as appreciated as much these days - oh what is the world coming to? - but at least he continues to make authentically good music, as evidenced with Broken Bones, Dokken's eleventh album. 

Upon first listen to the album the most noticeable thing is how serious the music is. Tooth And Nail, Under Lock and Key and Dream Warriors always had a lot of fun about them - heck, Dream Warriors was even written for the third Nightmare On Elm Street soundtrack, who's subtitle this song was based upon - but listening to Broken Bones, you get the impression that you are meant to take this new album seriously. So has Don Dokken grown up, now that its 2012? Probably not.  But that doesn't mean we shouldn't indeed take this music seriously, either way, because Broken Bones is one mean, 'kick you in the head' album. 

George Lynch may be sorely missed, but Jon Levin (ex-Doro) has proved a worthwhile replacement over the last decade or so, and it's also great to see Sean McNabb (ex Quiet Riot, Great White, House of Lords) back in the fold. 

The storming Empire is a great introduction to ...Bones, the grungy Blind is sure to become a Dokken favourite, while both For The Last Time and Tonight harken back to the band of old. 

The glory days of Dokken may bre over but the man, and his merry men, still continues to release worthwhile music. He might be a little more serious these days, but Broken Bones shows that Don Dokken can still keep the flame alight.